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The mission of The Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne is to build a strong and unified Jewish community in order to ensure the well-being and continuity of the Jewish people in Fort Wayne, in Israel, and throughout the world.

We do this through fundraisingcommunity-wide programmingJewish education, social services, developing leadersfostering cooperation among Jewish organizations, and by building strong relationships with Israel and the community at large.

Serving multiple generations, the Federation is the central coordinating agency for the Fort Wayne and NE Indiana Jewish community. 

When people give to Federation, they know critical help will reach men, women, and children who would otherwise be invisible and forgotten. Our assistance begins locally then expands across the world. This framework supports a social service network unparalleled in the world, embracing the ideals of justice, responsibility and community rooted in the 3,500 year-old tradition of caring going back to the giving of the Torah.



The Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne works to strengthen and enhance the lives of individuals in our community and around the world.  We use the funds raised through our Annual Campaign to deliver valuable and necessary services to those in need.  We support agencies such as the Jewish Community Relations Council that work to safeguard the rights of Jews here, in Israel, and all around the globe.  We use Campaign funds to provide Camp Joe Levine, a Jewish Day Camp, we help fund partner organizations whose missions are aligned with ours, such as Hillel, The Joint Distribution Committee, Jewish Agency for Israel, Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Studies programs at Indiana University and Purdue University, and many other agencies.  The more dollars we raise, the better is our ability to meet our own community needs, change lives, and support programs and organizations that serve us all.

With our small Jewish community, our limited dollars require us and our partner agencies to be very creative and resourceful.  Please be generous in your gift to the Jewish Federation and help us to continue to build a strong, inspired, and vibrant Jewish community.  We are stronger together.  Thank you for joining in this partnership.□

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The Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne denounces the increasingly intolerant and inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric that is currently pulsing through American society.  There is no place in America, a nation founded on religious freedom, for discrimination on the basis of religion – or any other immutable characteristic, for that matter.  This time it is Muslims who have been singled out, but in past years it has been gays, and before that Catholics, Jews, Japanese, Irish, and other groups that are a part of the fabric of our unique and diverse American society.  Our nation, founded by those fleeing religious persecution, is rooted in principles of religious freedom.  Religious pluralism is at the very core of our national identity and why religion has flourished in our society. 

The Board of Directors finds repugnant any proposal that singles out certain human beings for disparate treatment solely on the basis of their religion.   We, therefore, condemn, without qualification, any religious bigotry, which includes calls for a national Muslim registry, selective immigration policies that intentionally allow/prohibit entry to the United States by people solely on the basis of their religion, or outright bans on Muslims traveling to the United States.

We applaud those Muslim leaders who have spoken out to reject this hateful ideology of radical Islamist terrorism and have unequivocally rejected hateful interpretations of Islam that are wholly incompatible with the values of religious tolerance, mutual respect, and human dignity.

 The absence of religious tests for entry or for office and the freedom of every individual to practice his or her religion are sources of national strength, not weakness.

Dr. Ron Friedman, President of the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne

Jaki Schreier, Executive Director of the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne

Ronnie Greenberg, Jewish Federation Community Relations Committee Chair


Alvin H. Rosenfeld
Professor of English and Jewish Studies
Irving M. Glazer Chair in Jewish Studies Director, Institute for the Study of Contemporary  Antisemitism Indiana University School for
Global and International Studies

Deciphering the New Antisemitism addresses the increasing prevalence of antisemitism on a global scale. Antisemitism takes on various forms in all parts of the world, and the essays in this wide-ranging volume deal with many of them: European antisemitism, antisemitism and Islamophobia, antisemitism and anti-Zionism, and efforts to demonize and delegitimize Israel. Contributors are an international group of scholars who clarify the cultural, intellectual, political, and religious conditions that give rise to antisemitic words and deeds. These landmark essays are noteworthy for their timeliness and ability to grapple effectively with the serious issues at hand.


Shirley Busack was a long term member of the Fort Wayne Jewish community.  She taught Sunday School and was active in the Temple and the Jewish Federation until she moved to Indianapolis for work.  Shirley suffered a debilitating stroke and is not likely to walk or talk again.  The long-term plan is to bring her back to a rehabilitation center in Fort Wayne to be closer to her family.
Her son, Christopher, is grappling with the financial cost of her care.  With the mounting medical expenses, the family could really use some help.  Christopher has sent up a GO FUND ME site where donors can contribute to assist with Shirley’s medical expenses.
If you need more information, please contact Deborah Worpell at 260-497-7397.  Deborah is very close to the Busacks and is actively trying to help out the family.  She has agreed to be a point of contact.
Any donation you can give is greatly appreciated by the family.


If interested, please call Jaki Schreier at 260-456-0400.  
Federation subsidies are available
$750 subsidy is available to the
first 10 Federation members
who make application.  Details of trip.

BIG BONUS!!  Sign up for BOTH PARTS above and you’ll receive a $1000 subsidy* from our

P2G Central Area Consortium!  THAT’S EQUAL TO REGISTERING FOR P2G@20 FREE!

*Note:  Eligibility is based on those who live within the 13 US Central Area Consortium Cities and

contribute to their local Jewish Federation.


                               JFNA STATEMENT


Campaign 2015-2016

At the inspiring Campaign Opener on November 2, 2015, we asked those in attendance to make your 2015-2016 pledge to the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne, and if at all possible, to increase your gift over your last year’s pledge.  Cards will be sent out with a letter and a return envelope asking that you fill out your pledge cards, be generous, and return them.  We are asking one more time, please return your cards…your community needs your commitment today for tomorrow, not tomorrow for today!  If you have already made your gift, then thank you.  If not, then allow the words of Hertzl himself to serve as a reminder – “Words and Actions are not so far apart as one might think”.  This is the time to consider how you can make a difference in the lives of Jews both locally and around the world.

Jaki Schreier, Executive Director

Ron Friedman, President


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8 Ways Your gift to the 2015-2016 
Annual Campaign Will Help Jews Across Fort Wayne, in Israel
and Around the World

Fort Wayne, Indiana Congregations
  Congregation Achduth Vesholom
5200 Old Mill Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Web site: www.templecav.org

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  Congregation B'nai Jacob
7227 Bittersweet Moors Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46814

Web site:  www.bnaijacobfw.com

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Dr. Ronen Hoffman video.  If you
missed his talk when he was here,
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Chris Nicola on 21 Alive


10-Year Jewish Calendar

Camp Joe Levine


Fox Island - 2016

Dates:  July 4-8, 11-15, and 18-22

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Latest News on our



We are now located in

what has been renamed as
Rifkin Campus at 5200
Created from stone and bronze by Sculptor Cary Shafer, the sign on Old Mill Road highlights the 
Rifkin Campus at 5200 Partners: 
  • Congregation Achduth Vesholom
  • Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne
  • Fort Wayne Jewish Cemetery Association
  • Madge Rothschild Resource Center (under construction)
  • Brightpoint Head Start

The Madge Rothschild Resource Center, scheduled to open in Fall 2016, is the centerpiece of the Temple's vision for the future. Designed by Architect Richard Wismer, the 3,150-square-foot space will include the Rabbi Richard B. Safran Library and the Jacob L. Goldman Memorial Museum. The Resource Center will focus on the Jewish Experience in Northeast Indiana over the past two centuries, as well as Holocaust education, in an effort to strive for greater understanding among all faiths and peoples. Plans include an 1,100-square-foot inner courtyard with proposed sculpture garden visible from the Resource Center.





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Thoughtful Thursdays Bag Assembly Team

Beginning our 6th Year Of Program 

Our Bag Assembly Team will  meet on Wednesday,  February 17, 10 a.m. at the Temple. 
 Donations may be dropped off at the Temple. Thoughtful Thursdays is a joint project of Congregation Achduth Vesholom, Congregation B’nai Jacob, and the Jewish Federation.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jamie Berger at jberger02@comcast.net or (260) 672-8715.●


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